Wildflowers represent a collection of different flowers that grow and thrive amongst each other. Different colors, sizes, and shapes form the beauty of these flowers. Our Wildflowers have grown into so many interesting, creative, and beautiful young people. We have watched them grow and develop in so many different ways over the years. The Growing Place Wildflowers are a small cluster of children that work as a group to form a successful learning environment.

Small group work encourages children to learn about different personalities, opinions, and behaviors. Even at such a young age, we are teaching children to begin to respect one another’s differences and learn how to work within them. The teacher works to incorporate these individual personalities into the lesson and encourage the children to work together to form one large learning group. The Wildflower room and our Sunflower room are both 4 ½ year old Pre-Kindergarten classrooms. This allows for smaller class size and more individualized attention and instruction in preparation for Kindergarten.

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