The Growing Place has set in place guidelines to make sure that each of our staff members and the families with whom we interact are presented with a safe, loving and fair environment.

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact our Director, Kelly Ford at kelly@tgpchildcare.com.

Sibling Discount
A 5% discount will be applied to the monthly tuition when two or more children are enrolled for the whole month.

Fees and Due Dates
Tuition is always due in advance of the month of care to be received. Payment is due no later than 6pm on the 25th of the month prior to care. A late fee of $20.00 per child will be added to the outstanding balance for all payments after 6pm on the 25th. If tuition is not paid in full by the 1st of the month, your child may be dismissed from care. A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for returned checks. No credit or refund will be given if we must close because of an emergency or you cannot make it here due to inclement weather.

Late Pick-Up Fee
There is a charge of $1.00 a minute for pick-ups after 6pm.

Methods of Payment
Only checks and money orders are accepted; no cash, please.

Illness and Absences
There are no deductions in tuition for illness, absences, emergency weather or related closings, as well as the vacation days that we observe throughout the year. You will not be charged for Christmas week.

Emergency Conditions
In the event of heavy snowfalls, building emergencies, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other severe weather conditions, The Growing Place may open or remain open for as long as safety permits. Full tuition is due for times in which severe weather conditions require the center to close. In the event of a weather emergency, please call the center. We will leave details on the answering machine.

Tax Credits
Tuition payments made to The Growing Place qualify for a federal tax credit for many families. Upon your request, we will provide you with a tax statement of your payments from the previous year. Please give ample notice if you wish to receive a receipt.

Clothing and Diapering Needs
We ask that we have a weather appropriate change of clothes for each child. We will keep them labeled in their own bin so that you may add to or take from them at your convenience. The children that wear diapers will have their own spot for their diapers and wipes, as well as any diaper ointment that you may use. You are responsible for providing these items. We will let you know when you are running low and need to replace them.

Notice of Withdrawal or Change of Schedule
If you wish to withdrawal your child (we hope not!), or change their schedule we ask that you give written notice one month in advance. If something comes up unexpectedly, of course we will try and make things work out with your new schedule to the best of our ability. This notice is just so that we can determine the amount of children and teachers that we can have on a given day.

It is part of our security policy to have a password that is given to anyone whom you designate as an authorized pick-up for your child. Your child will be released to this person if:

  • They are on the emergency contact form
  • We are notified in writing or spoken to directly by a telephone call that this person will be picking up even though they are not on the form
    They have proper identification
  • The password is just an added measure of security for your family!

Dismissal Policy
If for some reason the behavior of your child is one that cannot be controlled, we have the right to dismiss him or her after giving you two weeks notice. We will definitely do everything we can to correct the behavior and work with you on solving the problem before we make any final decisions.
Policies and Tuition Changes – The terms of this agreement are subject to change annually with at least one month’s notice.