Classrooms Kennett Square

At The Growing Place, we believe children are more likely to explore, learn, and create when they feel comfortable with their surroundings and teachers. The splash of color in each room transforms the typically mundane daycare classroom into a bright, interesting place to learn and discover. We want your children to feel at home, even when they cannot be.

Color is not the only thing you will find in a Growing Place classroom. Art work, pictures, and plenty of smiles let you know your child is hard at work learning something new and having fun while doing it! Each classroom has a parent board where you will find information about school wide events, daily fun theme days, pictures, and any important notices that the teachers wish to share. A weekly theme-based lesson plan is posted in each classroom for you to see what fun activities your child will be working on for the week. Each classroom also showcases a ‘Star Student’ where each child gets a chance to be in the spotlight and share information about themselves with their friends.

A Growing Place classroom is a warm, comfortable environment where children are given the opportunity to explore and be creative alongside great friends and amazing teachers!

  • Seedlings

    The first stage of life for a plant, shares the same name as the first stage of learning at The Growing Place.

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  • Sprouts

    Our Sprouts represent the next stage of a plant’s life. They are beginning to grow, requiring more food and sunlight to reach their full potential.

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  • Morning Glories

    A beautiful blue flower that shines bright in any small garden, the morning glories represent the beginning stages of individuality that the children are starting to develop.

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  • Sunflowers

    The Sunflower requires a great amount of sunlight in order to be able to grow successfully. Given the right care and attention, the Sunflower can grow to amazing heights!

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  • Snapdragons

    Snapdragon flowers gained their name from resembling the face of a dragon that opens and closes it’s mouth when squeezed or snapped.

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  • Dandelions

    This small yellow flower that is often seen spread throughout vast fields, gardens, or yards is one of the most common and recognizable flowers.

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  • Wildflowers

    Wildflowers represent a collection of different flowers that grow and thrive amongst each other. Different colors, sizes, and shapes form the beauty of these flowers.

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  • Stargazers

    Stargazers are beautiful, bold flowers that received their name because the flower’s blooms face towards the sky.

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  • Multipurpose Room

    We will be offering dance, computer instruction and karate classes that will take place in this room. This room is used for organized indoor play.

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  • Soft Play Gym

    Open to children under two years old, there are plenty of climbing, crawling, and bouncing opportunities for the younger children.

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  • Library

    Our Library is a great opportunity for the children to learn how to choose and care for books that relate to themes they are learning in their classrooms.

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  • Outdoor Playground

    Our outdoor playgrounds offer a great space for the children to get moving and practice their gross motor skills while getting some fresh air.

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